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Meet the Dubbelju Team

  • Wolfgang Wolfgang
  • “There is no bike too small to have fun on.”
  • I started Dubbelju motorcycle rentals 27 years ago because I was unable to find a motorcycle to rent when I arrived from my native Germany to ride the west coast of America. I currently ride a BMW R1200GS, BMW 1981 R80GS and a Yamaha XT 500, and can usually be found riding a bike, wrenching on a bike, or sharing my experiences from 45 years of riding with others. — Wolfgang
  • Mark Mark
  • “I’ve always enjoyed meeting people from different walks of life and discovering common interests.”
  • Working at Dubbelju allows me to share my passion for motorcycles and my love of California’s beautiful landscape with riders from various parts of the world. The shared camaraderie amongst motorcyclists is special and is what I enjoy most about working at Dubbelju. When not riding I’m in my studio painting, or out taking photographs. I’ve been exhibiting my work in the SF Bay Area for over 14 years. — Mark
  • April April
  • “For a short getaway, I like to ride through a forest of redwood trees tucked away in the Santa Cruz mountains on Skyline Boulevard.”
  • Unique to motorcycle riding is the feeling that you get as you move through different environments. It could be embracing the ocean breeze along the coastline, sensing the forest with the scent of redwoods or even just the feeling of leaving the city behind - this is what I truly love about motorcycle riding. — April
  • Heidi Heidi
  • “I broke into my granddad's toolbox at age five, and have been tinkering ever since…”
  • In my spare time I teach self defense, dabble in theory, and can often be found camping next to my bike in places near and far. I've motorcycled solo across the US and to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. — Heidi
  • Angela Angela
  • “I'm the happiest when I'm on two wheels…”
  • I was born and raised in Monterey, CA but didn't start exploring this beautiful state on a motorcycle until about 5 years ago. I love California but fell even more in love seeing it on two wheels. I'm currently loving my Yamaha XSR900 and will talk bikes with just about anyone. See you at the shop! — Angela
  • Christof Christof
  • “A classic bike, a glass of wine, good family and friends around me – what more could I ask for?”
  • I joined Dubbelju as partner and investor in 1999 after exploring California on one of Dubbelju's rental bikes. I particularly love classic bikes, and for many years have been involved in the European Rider Rights organization, FEMA. I travel to sunny California from my home in Germany to ride whenever I can. — Christof

California is a destination for motorcyclists from around the world — and Dubbelju is at the heart of it all.

The Dubbelju Name

Pronounced "Double-you," our name is a reminder of the difference between the German and English way of saying "W", something that Wolfgang smiles about often.

Why Dubbelju?

Almost anyone can rent you a motorcycle and hand you a map. As one of the pioneers in the U.S. motorcycle rental industry, we have the depth of experience and knowledge to maximize the value of your vacation time. As motorcyclists ourselves, we know your needs, we know the area well, and we have ridden the roads we recommend. We'll get you rolling in the right direction and make sure that you return home with only the best of memories.

Our Goal

To provide our customers with a shop big enough to fulfill all the necessary services, yet small enough to offer a warm, friendly, family-like atmosphere, and to use our enthusiasm and understanding as riders to provide you with an unexpected level of quality service, allowing us to fulfill your needs.


In the late 80's I arrived in California and wanted to rent a motorcycle for a ride on Highway 1, along the famous west coast of America. It was almost impossible, because I could not find a motorcycle rental shop! I fell in love with the country and the people, and wanted to save others the frustration I was going through; thus the idea of renting out motorcycles was born. A few years later, I came back to San Francisco and opened Dubbelju. My first customer crossed the Golden Gate Bridge on a Harley Davidson in the summer of 1991.

Dubbelju grew steadily because of the shared desire of both American and international motorcyclists to rent and ride. With this came the need for expansion. My friend Christof Hillebrand, already a loyal customer since 1993, joined Dubbelju as a partner and investor in 1999. He brought with him his experience of owning and running an international business. Like me, Christof is passionate about motorcycles and riding and was involved in the European motorcycle community on many different levels. He was an active member of the European Riders Rights organization FEMA, and as a freelance moto journalist he wrote articles for German motorcycle magazines. He also loves to wrench and ride classic bikes.

We are both motorcyclists with heart and soul. We love bikes, roads and adventures, both discovering the new and rediscovering the old. The passion for riding and sharing our adventures with our customers is a big part of our lives, and also helps make Dubbelju unique. We hope our enthusiasm and understanding as riders, together with our team at Dubbelju provides a high level of personal service, and will have you returning home with lifelong motorcycling memories.

Christof and I are grateful to our loyal clients, suppliers and employees for their support, which has made our dream and vision of Dubbelju possible.

Wolfgang and Christof

Proudly serving the motorcycle community since 1991…
Dubbelju is home base for world‑class motorcycle destinations
We make it possible for you to get away from it all
Go as far as you want…
Adventures await!
From remote backroads…
…to endless highways with magnificent views
Dubbelju helps you get there…
…ensuring you take home life long moto‑memories!

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